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source in san francisco celebrates vegan pizza day with QUARRYGIRL and VEGANSAURUS PIZZAS (plus more, and discounts, pinch me)!!!!

Oh, you all know this pic, and the “straight from the source” was me, right? What do you think of the JB! pizza? I think it sounds like a tropical vacay! Eat at Source! I’d be there, but my ass will be at a wedding in Michigan. Lakefront, bitches! Sorry, I’ve been drinking.


YES! source is one of my all time favorite vegetarian restaurants (remember that time they made me sign a waiver to eat hot sauce? yeah we spend holidays together—-it’s serious!), and they’re participating in vegan pizza day on june 30th. not just participating, but they’re offering up a whole new menu of vegan pies, one of which is named after ME and there’s another named after my BFF blog vegansaurus. PLUS if you mention quarrygirl or vegansaurus, you get 10% off one of those specials (not the entire menu)! is this too good to be true?! no, it’s really happening! here’s the lowdown on their vegan pizza day offerings on june 30th straight from the source: 

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