I bake vegan sweets professionally and write on Vegansaurus for kicks! Sometimes I even recipe-test for VegNews magazine and cookbook authors. The most elegant person in sweatpants you know.


HEY GUYS, HEY! Want to talk New Years resolutions? I DO! 

I gave myself some loose guidelines for which to grow and take over the world better myself in the next year! Here goes!  

  • Be more creative. Write more posts for Vegansaurus, make vlogs, draft up a cookbook/party planning manuscript, BE MORE CREATIVE AND TAKE MORE RISKS WITH IT.
  • Work with a personal trainer. Get myself some arm muscles!
  • Stand up for myself more quickly, regardless of whether people will like me or not.
  • Cut down smoking even more.
  • Drink more water.
  • Don’t play it so safe anymore. Don’t be scared to get people riled up. Be more assertive with my voice, mostly in my Vegansaurus posts. Stop trying to please everyone, because that shit is BORING. 
  • Take a trip somewhere I’ve never been. I’m hoping to hit up the south this next year! Or Canada! OR BOTH! 
  • Finally get my drivers license.  


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