I bake vegan sweets professionally and write on Vegansaurus for kicks! Sometimes I even recipe-test for VegNews magazine and cookbook authors. The most elegant person in sweatpants you know.


Gwen Stefani Gives Birth to Baby Boy Apollo, Welcomes Third Son With Husband Gavin Rossdale

How did I not know? Where have I been? I watch E! and am on the internet EVERY DAMN DAY. 

I finally got to try The Vegg and this is me eating it. 

I finally got to try The Vegg and this is me eating it. 

No Doubt on Alternate Nation in 1996

Does anyone remember watching this when it aired? REMEMBER THE VJ KENNEDY?

Maya Rudolph does impressions of Nicki Minaj, Rihanna and GWEN STEFANI on Ellen. 

No Superbowl Halftime show will ever again be this. You better believe I was dyyyyyying. 

Gwen Stefani - What You Waiting For

I listen to this song, trying to get motivated to figure out what THE FUCK I’m doing. Like, I have had this vision for a cafe/bar for a long, long, long time, and it’s super scary, BUT WHEN AM I GONNA MAKE SOME MOVES? I don’t even know where to start. I am so sick of hearing the word “investors”, and I don’t know how to draft a business plan, but seriously, I better figure it the fuck out. 

And so sometimes, this song is everything, except the part about the million dollar contract, or being obsessed with Japan. 

It’s all so terrifying, mostly because I want to do it alone. I got an email from Megan Rascal today telling me my recipes are a huge draw onto the Vegansaurus site, and I haven’t even made anything from scratch in months. TIME TO FOCUS, time to start cooking, time to work harder than I ever have before. Mostly it’s time to stop concentrating on what I imagine to be holding me back. TICK TOCK TICK TOCK TICK TOCK. 

Sometimes it’s like, work on a book, or work on opening a small business? And I get so caught up, and so freaked out, I don’t DO anything. Well, except be a BOSS at my job. The part I get stuck on is how to juggle everything? Because I don’t want to give up my job right now, but I’m not really moving forward either. Not unless we open a new location, if we ever open a new location, because the amount of work space I have to create the desserts that I do is a FUCKING JOKE. It’s stifling. BUT! I get to work in a place where MY NAME is on that dessert case. Sometimes it feels like everything I worked so hard for in Chicago. All those 14 hour days, and 6-8 day weeks led me right here. And it’s time to start moving forward again. Create something new.

The highest compliment I’ve ever been paid is being told I’m “really creative”. It’s all I want to spend my life doing - being creative. 


Bush performing Glycerine at the KROQ Almost Acoustic Xmas 12/8/12 and WHO SAUNTERS UP TO SING IT AS A DUET? 

My mother fucking idol, that’s who. 

I never did like Bush very much. But they wouldn’t be a dorky ska teen’s cup of tea anyway, would they? 

No Doubt - Push and Shove, Dec 2nd 2012 Gibson Ampitheatre

I still can’t get over that I was there! 2012 was maybe the best year because of this show? Nah, but it was def a highlight! 

Tried to get Britney and I tickets to be in the pit, but those sold out in seconds! I was surprised I was able to nab a seat when the official tix went on sale. 

Anyway, been listening to this song all day, everyday for the last week, getting pumped for NYE. AM I TIRED? LISTEN TO PUSH AND SHOVE. AM I UPSET? LISTEN TO PUSH AND SHOVE.

This is it. Time for bed. <3 

Which means it’s time to watch more It’s Always Sunny.

This is it. Time for bed. <3 

Which means it’s time to watch more It’s Always Sunny.